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  • MHS Marine Biology

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    Introductory Presentation

    We will travel to Andros Island from June 15th to the 22nd and in preparation we will meet once a week during 2nd semester for an hour before school.

    Forfar Field Station's website

    • Practical Preparation

      Welcome to Andros video

      Equipment to bring:  

      Mask, snorkel, boots, and fins - Tropical is an excellent website for helping you decide what to purchase; For the best fit, I would recommend a dive shop (Traverse City, Cadillac, GR, Grand Haven, Twin Lakes, etc...)

      Suggested Packing List

      Suggest Sunscreen

      Sand Fleas and Mosquitos: Repellent for mosquitos in the evening (don't use DEET on boats). Oily Tanning lotion or Skin-so-Soft works for sand fleas/No-see-ums.

      • Photo Book

        Your final project for the Marine Biology is to create a photo book.  This should include pictures from our trip and information about the various places that we visited.  

        I am looking for two things from this photo book.  

        1.  It should be a portfolio of your learning and adventures.

        2.  It will be a keepsake that you can look at a long time from now.

        Your final grade for the course will be recorded once you show me your book.

        There are many apps out there that can be used to do this that are affordable.  Here is a website that provides some background to a few that are out there.

        • Marine Basics - Postma

          Marine Biology Grading

          Marine Basics Lesson

          Assign topics for 10 to 15 minute presentations

          Packing List- emphasis on mask, snorkel, and fins - Does everyone have passports?

          • Intertidal Zone - Caleb

            • Corals - Gracie

              • Blue Holes - Michael

                • Birds of the Bahamas - Caroline

                  • Coral Bleaching - Drew

                    • Mangroves - Luke

                      • History - Mason

                        • Lion Fish - Jack

                          • Microplastics - Ari

                            • See Grass Beds - Hope

                              • Black Seminoles of Red Bay - Taylor

                                • Conch fishery - Grant

                                  • Sunscreens and corals - Olivia Holtgren

                                    • Artificial Reefs - Olivia Smith

                                      • Wild pigs and Caribbean Islands - Trista

                                        • Economy of Bahamas - Rachael

                                          • Forestry of the Bahamas - Eleanor

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