The aim of our 8th Grade Science class is to encourage the learning about our earth. Students will be challenged to question, use inquiry, and explore/ investigate concepts with classmates. In 8th Grade Science we will cover a variety of topics from that include earth systems, solid earth, fluid earth earth and the earth in space expanding on the State of Michigan's Content Expectations.

8th grade resource room reading strategies.

The Physical education program at MMS is designed to get kids moving in a safe, fun and challenging environment.  Our goal is to teach students the tools necessary to successfully participate in lifelong activities that will help keep them fit.  Working to improve muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance will be a daily occurrence in physical education.

The 8th grade health curriculum is designed to provide students with the information needed to make good health decisions. The units covered in this course will focus on motivating each student to voluntarily take a role in protecting, maintaining and improving their health through
responsible actions and decisions. The ultimate goal is to teach our students that positive decision making is the single most important aspect of one’s overall health.

A study of United States history; Colonial America through the Civil War.

8th grade Pre Algebra aligned to Common Core Curriculum 2014