Topic outline

  • First Days Class

    First Days of Spanish

    1.  Computers

    • You are responsible for your computer and charger.  Do not "mess" with other computers/cords.
    • Take your computers with you to every class.  After seminar, drop them off at your 5th hour classroom.  Do not take them with you to lunch or the media center.  At the end of the day make sure you charge it for the next day. 
    • Computers shall never be on the floor.  Screens need to be visible at all times.  Cases must be on them at all times.  During class time you are expected to use your computers for class work, this means no games/music/videos that may distract you, or others, from learning.
    • It is a privilege that the school is allowing you to use them.  If you violate that privilege, you lose it.  Three strikes, you're out applies.  

    2.  Classroom tour & expectations

    3.  Parent Letters-return by Friday for extra credit

    4.  Computer organization

    5. Moodle tour & Discussion Forum Week 1.1-Get to know me!

    6.  Student goals

    7. Spanish names

    8.  Discussion Forum 1.2-how is your week going so far?

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  • Spanish Learning Assessment


    This same assessment will be taken three times throughout the year.  Its purpose is to gage how much you know in the beginning, middle, and end.  It is not officially graded, as it is a tool for me to better understand how you are progressing during the year.  Please do your best and take your time on this assessment, otherwise it becomes meaningless.  Remember, if you do your best, I will always be proud of you!!

    *Choose the best answer for each question (format: true/false & multiple choice)

    *It is always best to select an answer rather than leaving it blank.

    *Please, please, please double check all your answers before submitting!!

    *If you have any questions/concerns, please ask me before, during, or after the quiz

    *At the end, press submit all and finish.  If you need more time, we will figure out a time for you to finish.

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  • Mexico's Independence-1

    Mexico’s Independence

    MS Spanish


    Day 1:

    1.    Watch Mexico: Its People, History and Government on United Streaming (9:45)

    2.    Small Group & Large group:

    a.    What other cultures/events/practices contribute to today’s Mexican culture.  How so?

    b.    What three major events led to Mexico’s Independence?

    3.    The Hispanic Way:  pg 35, #20, discuss


    Day 2: 

                1.  Mexican Independence Presentation & students take notes (study notes for unit quiz)

    Day 3:

                1  Mexican Independence Presentation & students take notes (study notes for unit quiz)

                2.  Homework: venn diagram: Mexico’s Independence celebration vs. USA’s Independence Celebration

    Day 4:

                1.  Watch Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (4:00)                                       

                2.  El Grito:  While no one really knows what the Grito said specifically, it must have been very persuasive to rally a large army to fight against Spanish rulers.  Now it is your turn to rally an army to “fight” for something you feel passionate about.  First, decide on a topic (school lunch program, pay to play sports, legal driving age, damage to the ecosystem, bullies, childhood obesity, violent video games, endangered animals, etc).  Second, tell us why we should “fight” your cause. Third, tell us why we shouldn’t do the opposite of what you want (i.e., if you are arguing that we fight against pay to play sports in schools, tell us that if we give in and do pay then X will happen).  Fourth, tell us how we can help you (i.e., write a letter to your principal, super intendant and school board members). 

                *Be sure to use proper citation-review how to insert this in document.

    Day 5:

    1.     Work on El Grito

    Day 6:

                1.  Work on El Grito

    Day 7:

                1.  Peer Edit-Take Another Look

                2.  Revise

    Day 8:

                1.  QUIZ: Mexico’s Independence

                2.  Finish El Grito-Present tomorrow

    Day 9:

    1.    Present El Grito to the class.  After reading aloud to the class your argument writing, you’ll conclude with “Viva…!”  We will repeat after you the chant. 

    2.    After all have presented, you will vote on whose Grito was the best, who you felt best convinced you to fight their cause.  Winner will receive a special reward!



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